Residential installs begin with a site survey. At the start of the site survey, the installer will talk with you to make sure we can meet your needs. The installer will than find the ideal location for the antenna, this may consist of climbing up on your roof and testing signal strength. After a final installation location is found, A special mount will be installed and secured, the antenna will be installed, and a cable run as hidden as possible to its final location at your router.
Commercial installs begin with a site visit. The site visit will start with a survey from the proposed antenna location to verify signals. We will than look at the cable run, where the cable can enter the building, how far it needs to go and what sort of obstructions we may run into. After this, we will look at the termination location and verify the hand-off location and type. The final step in the site visit is recapping all the information we gathered and making sure it is accurate with you. After the Site-Visit, a quote will be generated and sent for over for approval. After the quote is approved, an installation date and time will be chosen. On the installation day, a technician will arrive and verify the information one last time before installing all necessary equipment. At the end of the installation, all equipment will be live and all services will be accessible.
Eastern Time WiNet Offers many advantages. We are a family owned ISP built around reliability, focused on privacy, and backed by 24/7 phone support. We monitor equipment straight to your router to spot problems before they become problems. we offer end-to-end monitoring with active recovery response. We also offer extremely low latency, averaging half of our competitors’ offerings. This benefits both those hard core gamers and business users alike. We Utilize a different path than most ISPs, which means when others are down, we stay up!
Our privacy policy is simple: we log the bare minimum to maintain usability. We do not track what you do, and do not sell any data.
Antennas and routers provided by Eastern Time WiNet are updated the second Friday of every month betweeen 2 and 4 AM (when updates are available). These updates improve security and reliability.