Security Monitoring

When an intruder enters your premises or a panic button is triggered, it is important to dispatch the police immediately. In the case of a duress button, it is important not to let the intruder know police are responding, so our technicians program these devices as silent alarms, helping to keep your personnel safe. Our UL-listed monitoring and dispatch service will notify the police the moment an event occurs so they can deal with the situation accordingly. As a building owner, you or an assigned responsible party will also be notified of the event and condition of the alarm. Similar to our fire alarm monitoring, we offer telephone, network and cellular communication options to give you the preferred method of communicating the emergency.

Related Case Study

Pohatcong Township Elementary School
PTES was a long-time client of ETI for fire alarm system service and inspections. They were in a tough position because their security system was problematic and the previous vendor could not correct the ongoing issues in a timely manner. PTES was in need of a solution to fix security issues as quickly as possible.
Based on our history of prompt service and creative solutions, the PTES administration decided to have ETI troubleshoot the system and provide a corrective solution. After a few site visits with a project manager and a senior technician, ETI was able to identify the issue of malfunctioned controllers in each wing.
The ETI technical team replaced the main controllers of the system and then conducted some testing of the system to ensure proper function; ETI successfully corrected the ongoing issues and brought the system up to full functionality. Based on the success of the security solution and a changing educational landscape, PTES shortly thereafter had ETI install a new IP CCTV system to cover the outside perimeter of the school. To this day, PTES will contact us for any life safety system design, maintenance or testing of their systems. We have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with the PTES staff over the last few years, and they know they can count on ETI for quick response and the ability help them out in any event.