Media Management/Retrieval

The constant evolution of teaching and technical training resources has created demands on the classroom environment, as well as in industry. Parents expect that their children receive the best learning experience by teachers who use the most current teaching methodology. Today’s classrooms employ technologies such as iPad, DVD, Blue Ray, educational internet and centralized computer drives that interface with electronic white boards, televisions and projector screens. With ETI’s media management solution, access to the world of learning is just a click away. Education professionals can control, monitor and provide an accountable method of teaching and training. Our intuitive controls empower teachers and technical trainers to enhance the learning experience by easily selecting, scheduling and delivering the content of their choice. Our customized design allows the control of all displays during important events with live video announcements from a wide variety of authority figures such as the superintendent, principal or security director. The students are not only well informed, but safe and secure.

Related Case Study

Lehigh Career and Technical Institute
LCTI, located in Schnecksville, PA, is one of the largest technical schools in the country. The institute houses individual classrooms and large lab settings for teaching a wide variety of technical and industrial trade classes. LCTI needs to be able to contact students and faculty in the classrooms and lab areas with public address announcements as well as time coordinated tones for the start and end of classes.
LCTI needed a way to communicate with these individual classrooms, lab areas and corridors with mass notification in the whole building and campus buildings. The system will require the take-over and control of speakers connected to individual sound systems used in the cafeteria and restaurant areas. These public address announcements needed to be coupled with a synchronized clock and coordinated time tone signaling system.
ETI proposed a solution to replace the existing paging system with an individually addressable public address system. This system allows for individual classroom communication as well as multi-zoned public address announcements. The solution also accommodated the low power requirements of the individual classroom speakers as well as the high power requirements of the lab and corridor speaker areas. The communications system allowed for mass notification to all areas and all campus buildings, including the individual sound systems of the cafeteria and restaurant areas. The system also included a redundant system as a back-up, should the microprocessor system fail. The communications system was integrated with a campus-wide synchronized corrective clock system and time coordinated tone signaling system. Finally, the system was interconnected to the LCTI’s voice over IP telephone system to allow classroom, lab, and mass notification announcements to be made directly from the administration staff telephone sets. This system solution added to the security and safety of the students attending LCTI.