President Chuck Rizzo delivers a speech to Allentown School District 3rd graders at Liberty Bell Museum

President and CEO Chuck Rizzo was asked deliver a speech to a group of 3rd grade students of Allentown School District and explain exactly what Patriotism Meant to Him at the The Liberty Bell Museum in downtown Allentown, Pa.  He was honored to do so and after telling a few jokes to connect with the every day lives of a 9 year old boy or girl in grade school went on to explain his purpose at the event.  When asked the question of “What Patriotism Meant to Him” he referred back to a time long ago when he was their age “touching the historic crack in the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and feeling an immediate connection to the forefathers of this great nation”.  The speech ended with him explaining what he did as the owner of Eastern Time, Inc. and how his job is to protect family, friends and the community at large through use of fire alarm and security technologies, referring to the recently completed PPL Center Arena project a few blocks down the road.  Although he is passionate about the business at ETI, he always enjoys giving back to the community he serves in any way he can.