Pottsville Area SD hires ETI to Act Quickly in Replacing Fire Alarm System

Before founding Eastern Time, Inc. Chuck Rizzo engineered and sold the state of the art fire alarm system at the John S. Clarke Elementary Center during it’s initial construction in 1982 for a national competitor.  ETI’s current project engineer Tom Conklin was Chuck’s lead technician at the time and was responsible for the highly detailed programming that tied the fire alarm, security, HVAC and lighting into a single head end.

When the 33 year old system went down on a Friday afternoon, the Pottsville Area SD’s full-time director of facilities contacted ETI’s service department for emergency service.  That same day ETI’s service technicians lead by project manager Joe Wilcox went to work to restore base level protection of the premise.  In the months following ETI worked after hours to replace the entire fire alarm system and add supplemental coverage to offer the students and faculty increased protection.

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