Rapidly Deploy-able Nurse Call Systems

Eastern Time is a local life safety integration company that specializes in health care. Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we have worked with our manufacturer West-Com Nurse Call Systems to provide a rapid deployment system to respond to the requests to address the growing challenge of providing protection to quarantine and temporary bed areas.

We have a wired and wireless solution that:
– Provides staff with notification that a patient needs assistance via annunciators, pagers and large format screens
– The ability to provide wired or wireless bed alarm inputs for alarm and supervisory
– A solution that can rapidly be deployed and reused
– Standalone solution regardless of the current provider/manufacturer

The unprecedented and rapid spread of COVID-19 has created strains on all healthcare facilities, especially for the critical care monitoring systems that’s essential in preserving the lives of patients and the safety of Healthcare staff. Although we are able to deploy wireless versions of the critical systems quickly, however due to the extreme recent demands, we recommend immediate attention.

The information below provides the fundamentals of this solution to which each scenario will be different. Eastern Time, Inc. has been protecting our community for nearly 40 years and our company has received direct approval from Governor Wolf as life essential company.
Our sales design & installation teams are ready to provide immediate response to their needs.