“Eastern Time, Inc. provides the Delaware Valley School District with quality and cost effective fire and burglar alarm systems and monitoring. We have found ETI to be responsive to our service needs, again at a lower cost than our previous vendor, and efficient in the service they provide. The DVSD is quite pleased with the transition and on-going relationship with ETI and look forward to extending our current contractual agreement for the distant future.”

— Marvin Eversdyke, Director of Support Services, DVSD

Delaware Valley School District

DVSD reached out to ETI back in the spring of 2014 to review their fire alarm and security system costs and needs. The school district had used the same vendor for many years and was in need of a fresh set of eyes and cost structure. The facilities department and support services staff reviewed their annual budget for these services and decided to sit down with the ETI team for a quote to handle the fire alarm and security system testing and maintenance services.
DVSD met with ETI to discuss the testing and maintenance needs of their proprietary, non-ETI provided fire alarm equipment. Even though ETI does not supply or install the existing proprietary system, ETI’s trained testing and maintenance staff consistently and competently works on all of the other manufacturer’s products.
In June of 2014, ETI finalized a multi-year contract to work within the DVSD budget to service all of their fire alarm system testing and maintenance needs. With nearly a year of experience working with ETI, DVSD is very pleased with the accuracy and flexibility of the ETI team. DVSD is pleased to know that ETI is able to work within their budget and has allowed them to address other areas within the existing budget. ETI is pleased to have DVSD as a customer and looks forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for years to come.