“When we wanted to replace our outdated surveillance camera system we contacted Eastern Time, Inc. and explained our needs. Bryan Rizzo found the most economical and dependable way to replace our analog cameras utilizing the existing wiring. In the interim, prior to the replacement of these cameras we had a more immediate need for some additional cameras in our laundry rooms and outside trash areas. Eastern Time worked with us to suggest and install a system that could be standalone first and then be integrated into the new upgraded system when it was ready. This worked great! After we replaced the original 16 cameras and were happy both with the work and with the quality of the cameras we decided to proceed with another phase of this camera project and added another 34 cameras bringing the total to 56. Eastern Time was very accommodating with this project – arranging demonstration cameras to allow us to make the best choices and working with our needs every step of the way. We now have a system that will allow us to swap cameras if the need for higher resolution occurs and a system that we can easily add more cameras to. Eastern Time’s follow up for minor problems has been excellent and our system allows us to view the cameras from anywhere over the internet via computers, iPhones and iPads and gives us the ability to record events when needed. We are extremely happy with our choice of Eastern Time and every aspect of this project.”

— Bob Sipos, Administrator

B’nai B’rith

B’nai B’rith Apartments in Allentown is a non-profit safe, affordable and comfortable housing site for senior citizens that is operated by Allentown B’nai B’rith Housing Corporation. The building had an existing analog camera system covering entrances, exits and parking areas, but the administration was not happy with the resolution and usability of the system as a whole. The administration was looking for a solution that offered high resolution cameras, ease of use, expandability and remote viewing.
B’nai B’rith’s administration was looking for a solution that offered high resolution cameras, future expandability, ease of use, and remote viewing. While addressing the primary needs, B’nai B’rith also considered additional areas where surveillance was needed. The targeted areas consisted of replacing existing cameras in their current locations, watching trash container/laundry areas, covering the other sensitive locations as well as deploying wireless solutions to inaccessible areas. If an event happened at or around the B’nai B’rith property, administration wanted to have a record and an easy way to share it with local authorities.
ETI was brought in by the administration to propose a phased solution to their video needs that would eventually turn their existing analog camera system, which consisted of 16 low resolution analog cameras, into a state-of-the-art open platform video management solution comprised of 56 1.3MP and 3MP cameras. The first phase of the project was to protect the trash container/laundry room areas with new 1.3MP IP cameras for facial identification purposes. The next phase of the project was to replace the existing 16 analog cameras. ETI was able to use a technology called IP over coax to eliminate the cost of running new network cable to all existing locations. After the success of the first two phases, we worked with the Campus Administrator to identify 34 other locations in need of surveillance, both at the House and West buildings as well as a remote building. During this final phase of the project, both wired and wireless solutions were deployed to deliver the B’nai B’rith organization a cutting edge solution to their video needs. The resulting easy to manage, open platform video management system gave the B’nai B’rith organization peace of mind regarding the protection of their residents, staff and property that will be added to in the future.