#02 (June 1985) Eastern Time, Inc. (ETI) is incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania

After a few years in business and with a strong following, the decision was made in June of 1985 to incorporate the Eastern Time Recorder Company as Eastern Time, Inc. One of Chuck’s entrepreneurial visions was to expand the service offering to include closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance and nurse call systems to set the groundwork as a fully integrated systems company. A few simple rules were set as the foundation of the new company: honesty, integrity, quality and competitive pricing. In the years following, ETI became a trend setter and innovator in the life safety systems market. ETI began using fire alarm systems as the head end to perform non-traditional fully integrated systems functions and to combine fire, security, access control, CCTV, master time control and process monitoring/control on a single platform. As ETI gained strength and competence in the market, the size, scope and complexity of the projects increased, and their reputation in systems integration grew.